At The AnyLogic Company, we are proud to be leading the way in simulation modeling. Over a decade of research and development, we have produced not only our outstanding products, but also the open, innovative, and dynamic company culture that drives our success today.

We are a growing multinational team operating from the US and Europe with a global network of partners. Our people and our products are world-class, and we deliver products and services to the most influential organizations in the world.

Why Join Us

Market leaders

The AnyLogic Company is a leader in the global simulation market. With over 1000 companies around the world using our software, including 40% of the Fortune 100, and double-digit annual growth, we open-up big opportunities for our associates.

Сutting-edge technologies

We love technologies, it is in our nature. We never stop learning and implementing the latest technologies in our daily workflows, so that way our associates always develop their skills.

International company

Operating from offices in Chicago, Paris, and Saint Petersburg and having a worldwide network of business partners, we travel to work and work to travel. You will, too!

Work with experts

We are committed to developing skills. Through extensive training and challenging tasks, with coaching and mentoring, we nurture the best to deliver the best.

Cool friendly team

Our team drives our company’s success. That is why we foster inclusive corporate culture with those who are passionate and ambitious.

Corporate adventures

Once a year, the team picks a place, anywhere in the world, to go on a great adventure. The mission is to see outstanding places and bond with colleagues. A good reason to join us, right?

Additional benefits

Apart from a competitive salary, we offer health insurance, wellness reimbursement, and paid sick leave and holiday.

Our Culture

Open Jobs

Frontend Developer

Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • Developing the frontend of AnyLogic Cloud
  • Working on code quality, implementing new features, bugfixes, refactoring


  • Angular 4+
  • TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Webpack, Grunt/Gulp, HTTP, REST
  • Extensive experience both in Vanilla JS and UI frameworks and the ability to choose the right instrument for a feature
  • Technical English


  • Experience of SVG usage for complex animations, WebGL
  • Confidence in CSS/HTML markup creation
  • Git, GitFlow experience
  • Knowledge of backend technologies that we use [see below]


  • Frontend: TypeScript, Webpack, Angular 4, RxJS, Plotly.js, SVG, Three.js, WebGL
  • Backend: Java, Spring, Gradle, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Docker, AWS, RabbitMQ


Java Developer

Saint Petersburg, Russia

We are looking for a full-time Java developer to join our team.


  • Developing one of two of our products: AnyLogic or AnyLogic Cloud
  • Working on code quality, implementing new features, bugfixes and refactoring


  • Java 8+
  • Spring, JPA, Gradle
  • Ability to write beautiful, clear, concise, well-structured and maintainable code
  • Ability to analyze all aspects of a task, paying attention to details
  • Ability to develop complex algorithms, paying attention to speed and data volumes
  • Technical English


  • Knowledge of other technologies that we use
  • Confident knowledge of *nix
  • Git, GitFlow experience


  • Backend: Java, Spring, Gradle, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Docker, AWS, RabbitMQ
  • Frontend: TypeScript, Webpack, Angular 4, SVG, WebGL